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Engraving, Cutting, Chamfering

Laser Cutting

Fiber Laser

Types of material:

- Acrylic                        - Brass

- Gold                           - Titanuim

- Aluminum                 - Copper

- Silver                          - Plastic

- Steel

Steel bar cutting. Steel bar cut on a band saw for industrial use .jpg


- Round 12″ diameter

- Rectangular 12″ x 12″



- Metal Tube: 15mm – 60mm

- Metal Bar: 9mm – 25mm

Cutting metal bars refers to the process of dividing a metal bar or rod into smaller pieces of a specific length. This is typically accomplished by using tools like saws, shears, or cutting torches. The choice of cutting method depends on the size and type of metal being cut, as well as the desired cutting accuracy and speed. For small-scale cutting, a hacksaw or bolt cutter may be sufficient. For larger or thicker bars, a power saw or plasma cutter may be necessary. The cutting process should always be performed with proper safety precautions, such as wearing protective eye gear and gloves, and following recommended guidelines for the specific cutting method being used.

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