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CNC Turning

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) turning is a subtractive manufacturing process that uses computer-controlled cutting tools to remove material from a rotating workpiece. The workpiece is mounted on a machine called a lathe, which rotates the workpiece while a cutting tool moves along its axis to remove material. CNC turning allows for highly precise and efficient production of cylindrical parts, such as shafts, pins, and spindles. The process is widely used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical devices for the production of components such as engine parts, shafts, and implantable devices. The use of CNC technology enables tight tolerances, complex geometries, and repeatable results to be achieved in a single setup.


CNC Turning - up to 6" OD x 28" long BTC

Manual Turning - up to 12" OD x 40" long

The  CNC lathe machine forming  cutting the metal shaft parts. The hi-technology metal wor
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